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    clean beauty skincare for spring time

    Spring-Clean Your Body Care Routine

    Here at Saint Iris Adriatica, we’re embracing the cliches and indulging in a spring cleaning session but with a twist. Welcome to The SIA Guide To Spring-Cleaning Your Body Care Routine.

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    Happiness hormone

    Happiness hormone

    In the sundrenched Adriatic, serotonin’s natural high is a given. Here it’s called fjaka – that blissful state that comes from pleasing yourself that Dalmatians believe is an essential part of life. Fjaka is often compared to meditation – both are mood-boosters that leave you relaxed, yet energised. 

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    ageless skincare beauty regimen by saint iris

    Glow for it!

    There’s a skincare revolution going on – and not before time. ‘Anti-ageing’s out – why be in denial and strive for the impossible? Instead, the beauty buzzword now is that covetable, natural healthy glow that everybody, not matter what their age, can achieve. We all know a charismatic someone whose energy lights up a room.

    At SIA, we believe that kind of inner and outer radiance comes from following your bliss – or fjaka as we call it in the Adriatic. It’s that irresistible feelgood factor that comes from genuinely pleasing yourself - and includes some serious pampering with naturally powerful skincare.

    All SIA’s ingredients are sourced from the sun-drenched Adriatic and chosen for their natural ability to boost body and mind. Whether you start the day with invigorating Energy Cleanse or soothe parched, devitalised skin with Serenity Salve you’ll be nurturing your glow potential – and that’s ageless.

    Ciao for now!

    The SIA team

    saint iris colour therapy brand design

    Gorgeous girl-power

    What is it about the colour purple that so inspires us? Colour therapists tell us that it embraces the calmness of blue with the fiery energy of red - the perfect combination for a healthy mind and body.

    In Ayurveda, it’s the colour of the Crown Chakra or Sahasrara: located at the crown of the head, it is linked to pure thought, meditation and spiritual understanding. Purple also symbolises creativity, wisdom, dignity, independence and just a touch of mystery – all the divine qualities of feminine power. So it’s not surprising that since antiquity, Dalmatia’s national flower, the delicate purple Iris Pallida was the traditional offering to goddesses and saints at ports along the Silk Route in return for their protection.

    This Sweet Iris also has a tough side – it thrives on rocky terrain, which is also why we chose it as our presiding symbol. For when the going gets tough, the tough choose Saint Iris Adriatica.

    Ciao for now!

    The SIA team

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