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    saint iris colour therapy brand design

    Gorgeous girl-power

    What is it about the colour purple that so inspires us? Colour therapists tell us that it embraces the calmness of blue with the fiery energy of red - the perfect combination for a healthy mind and body.

    In Ayurveda, it’s the colour of the Crown Chakra or Sahasrara: located at the crown of the head, it is linked to pure thought, meditation and spiritual understanding. Purple also symbolises creativity, wisdom, dignity, independence and just a touch of mystery – all the divine qualities of feminine power. So it’s not surprising that since antiquity, Dalmatia’s national flower, the delicate purple Iris Pallida was the traditional offering to goddesses and saints at ports along the Silk Route in return for their protection.

    This Sweet Iris also has a tough side – it thrives on rocky terrain, which is also why we chose it as our presiding symbol. For when the going gets tough, the tough choose Saint Iris Adriatica.

    Ciao for now!

    The SIA team

    Blue skies, bottled

    Blue skies, bottled

    Can a scent change your mind? When it conjures memories of blissful moments, fragrance is a powerful mood-booster, studies suggest.

    Researchers in the US have found that spraying the scent you wore on holiday can help banish stress and worktime woes back home. It’s exactly this kind of blue-sky thinking that inspired the refreshing, uplifting citrus-marine scent that makes SIA such an indulgence.

    On a grey and weary day a quick misting of Vitality Spritz with its wild flower infusion, Adriatic lemon peel and hand-harvested Dalmatian Flower of Salt will breeze you back into sun-and-sea serenity – and give your skin a refreshing drink, too. That’s why we call it a spa in a bottle!

    You can investigate the Vitality Spritz here.

    Ciao for now!

    The SIA team


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